How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Compass

An embarrassing camping moment…

With all due respect to Stanley Kubrick, this is a tale about what happened when I failed to follow plan C (for Compass).DSC_0084ces400

I was backpacking with my son’s Boy Scout troop in Harriman State Park and it was a beautiful moonlit night in mid-November. Most of the boys were camped in the lean-to and a few were in tents right next to it. As is our practice the adults were camped separately, on this occasion about 200 feet away.

Trail Maintenance on Big Slide Mtn with Long Island ADK – May 26, 2016

20160528_134302s400We participated in a day doing trail maintenance work on the Brothers Trail on Big Slide Mountain. The Long Island Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club adopted this trail decades ago and has been organizing annual work trips ever since. The results of their efforts are obvious when you hike this well maintained trail with spectacular views of the Great Range from “The Brothers”.