Connie’s Way Ski Tour (Pinkham Notch) –February 21, 2012

On a vacation day, I skied a solo loop from Pinkham Notch consisting primarily of Old Jackson Road (OJR), the Mount Washington Auto Road, and the Connie’s Way ski trail. I used waxless skis, no skins. Most of the route is not too steep and skins are not necessary, but with the firm conditions there were a couple of short sections on the OJR that were a bit of work to ascend.

Panther – Giant Ledge Backpack – December 29, 2011

20111229FoxHollow-PantherBackpack-005s400This was a winter backpack from Fox Hollow to Giant Ledge.  We hiked over Panther Mountain on the way to the campsite and the views were excellent. While hiking we saw lots of wildlife footprints in the snow, including bobcat and coyote.

The temperatures were in the mid teens when we set up our campsite, but warmed somewhat overnight along with a new dusting of snow while we were sleeping. (more…)

Boy Scout Presidential Range Hut Hike, July 10 – 13, 2011

I led a Boy Scout Troop, including some of the older scouts and their leaders on a planned 3 night trek through the Presidential Range in New Hampshire. The itinerary was to include stays at the Mizpah Spring, Lakes of the Clouds, and Madison Spring huts covering20110709-15NewHampshireHutHike-117s400 the entire range.

The first day we hiked to the Mizpah Hut via the Crawford Path from Route 302.

Arriving a little after lunch time the boys settled in and played cards while some of the adult leaders hiked over to Mount Jackson before dinner. The weather was very clear and the views north along our planned route from Mt Jackson were spectacular. (more…)

Mount Tom and Mount Field, February 23, 2011

It was just Sean and I on this bluebird day and these were his first winter peaks. The weather was perfect with deep blue cloudless skies. Despite the forecast for windy conditions at the summits, the winds were rather tame.

Our route was to be a counter clockwise loop taking in Tom, Field, and maybe an out and back to Willey. We got a late start (a little after 10:30), and decided at the start that Willey wasn’t going to happen. (more…)

The Bonds – August 22, 2010

We spent two consecutive nights at the AMC Galehead hut.

On Day 1 we hiked to Mt Garfield, then over to the hut via the Garfield Ridge Trail. After a very full dinner at the hut, we did an easy evening hike to the nearby summit of Galehead Mountain.

On day two we hiked out and back hike to Bondcliff Mountain, passing over South Twin and Mount Bond on the way and also making the side trip to West Bond. All of these peaks have great views, but the nearly 360 views of the Pemigewasset Wilderness from West Bond are among the most spectacular in the Whites.

Mount Jefferson, Mount Adams – August 25, 2009

We hiked Mount Jefferson and Mt Adams in the northern Presidential range on a very nice day. The weather was clear in the morning, trending toward partly cloudy in the afternoon and there was a slight haze by evening. The temperatures were relatively warm, probably in the 50’s above timberline and the breeze, although present, was not enough to keep us cool while hiking.

We started out from Jefferson Notch Road and hiked Mount Jefferson via the Caps Ridge Trail. At “only” 2700 feet of elevation (more…)

Mount Washington – August 16, 2009

A great hike in unusually hot weather.

It was even hot sleeping in the Lakes of the Clouds hut.  We spent the first night at the AMC Joe Dodge Lodge in Pinkham Notch, then hiked to the summit via the Tuckerman Ravine Trail the next day.  We got a tour of the observatory quarters and weather station at the summit before heading on to the Lakes of the Clouds hut for the night.  On the third day of this short trip we hiked back to Pinkham Notch via the very scenic Boot Spur trail.