Plateau and Sugarloaf – June 22, 2014

20140622PlateauSugarloaf-001s400We had a group of 6 for this hike of Plateau and Sugarloaf mountains in the Catskills. We hiked the Devil’s Path over both summits. The ascents and descents on both sides of both mountains are very steep, but the weather was perfect for great views from the viewpoints. Towards the end of the hike we introduced the stone chair temple construction at Dibbles Quarry to some of the group who had not seen it before.

Table, Peekamoose, Lone and Rocky – March 9, 2014

20140309_130446s400It was a small group and we hiked four Catskill peaks, or was it six? Starting from the trail at Denning, we hiked to Table and Peekamoose, then left the trail and headed over to Lone and Rocky, then backtracked the way we had come, passing over Lone and Table again. We wore snowshoes the entire way and the going was pretty easy because someone else had set a very good track on a good bearing and we merely needed to follow it, although we did (more…)

A different sort of day on Leavitt – December 22, 2013

This was a successful bushwhack of Leavitt Peak (Southwest Hunter), although not exactly in the manner planned. The mountain and the December weather were very much out of character and provided a good, if unexpected experience. No photos were taken (also out of character and unexpected), but our snarky musings on the days events hopefully provide a few good nuggets on expecting the unexpected in the mountains.

Halcott Mountain – October 19, 2013

20131019Halcott-004s400We hiked Halcott Mountain a beautiful fall day. For MK, this was #38; the next to last peak on his quest to earn his 3500 patch.

From the parking area we crossed the creek above the waterfall on the north branch of the Bushnellsville Creek. We continued through the cairn fields and then stayed on the north side of the next creek, paralleling it while climbing mainly towards the west-northwest.

Hunter Mountain and Leavitt Peak – June 29, 2013

We hiked Hunter Mountain and Leavitt Peak (also know as Southwest Hunter) on a warm early summer day. It was a sort of a belated Father’s Day hike as both of my sons came along and we had another father-daughter combination there as well. We hiked a loop starting on the Spruceton Trail and ending up back at Spruceton Road via the Devil’s Path and Diamond Notch trails.


Witttenberg, Cornell, and Slide Mountains – June 15, 2013


We traversed the Burroughs Range from Woodland Valley State Campground to the Slide Mountain parking area on Route 47. Along the way we enjoyed the many viewpoints and short rock scrambles as we followed the Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide trail over its namesake mountains. This is one of my favorite routes in the Catskills owing to those same views and scrambles. (more…)