Client Reviews

  • Ed took us on a hike up the Adirondack Dixes, including his favorite, the slide up Macomb Mountain all from the Elk Lake parking lot. We camped two nights-rather elegantly with meals that had been thought out ahead of time; Learning great techniques, for example- fire starting, due to Ed's expertise, or at using a river sack to cool our food while we were hiking during the day. Ed is especially observant of the comfort level, hiking pace, expectation of challenges, and capabilities of the hikers he is leading. We felt always safe, yet truly stretched by the vigor of our hikes. Also, we felt more confident in self-sufficiency, mixed with respect for experience. Thank you!
    Keelin Murphy
  • Ed Moran, a licensed New York State Guide and experienced hiker, helped me finish my Catskill Fire Tower Challenge and 3500 Club mountain challenge. I am so glad I hired Ed!--his navigational skills and knowledge of the backcountry (including plants!) were phenomenal. He not only led me daily through gnarly, hobblebush-dense herd paths with ease but also provided instruction on using a map and compass. A daily gourmet diet of PBJ sandwiches made with his homegrown berries; lemon grass triscuits and horseradish cheese; and delectable blueberry biscotti were also provided. Ed also started each day with making his "power coffee" served at our very comfortable, affordable lodging at The Mansion House at Alfie's in Tannersville, NY. A great choice for lodging with hot showers at the end of each day! I couldn't ask for a more personable companion and knowledgeable guide than Ed Moran. He made very tough hikes much more enjoyable and I would recommend his service to anyone!
    Jackie Beattie
  • I just completed my first guided backpacking vacation with licensed guide Ed Moran. I camped, and hiked up Table Mountain on my vacation. The views where amazing, the campsite was next to a babbling brook complete with a fire pit, and wooden seating. The lovely tent area was shaded which provided comfort, and quiet for a great night sleep. On top of all of that was the five star menu of grilled steaks, potatoes, with salad, home made omelets, and so much more. This was truly luxury backpacking. In addition to all of that Ed Moran provided detailed, and technical instructions on hiking up and down hills, campsite selection, camp fire starting, water filtration, and so much more. This was truly a vacation that exceeded all my expectations, and I would highly recommend Ed Moran to anyone considering a backpacking trip whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro.
    Jennifer Paul